Taking care of your skin is the single most important step in looking after your appearance. DX Smooth is a leading specialist in male skin care. We understand your skin problems. For years, we have helped men address the issues of razor bumps and ingrown hairs and shiny, oily skin and helped them to achieve smooth, radiant skin.

DX Smooth is proud to introduce our Pro Series range, a new generation of products to brighten your skin and restore natural, even skin tone. With skin safety as our first priority, our products are at the opposite end of the skin-care spectrum to the historically damaging skin lighteners of the past. Our dermatologically tested, clinically proven, advanced formulation significantly fades dark spots in just 14 days,* so that you can achieve a more even skin tone and look and feel your best.

Behind DX Smooth and DX Smooth Pro Series is Lee-Chem Laboratories, an internationally accredited, innovative personal-care solutions manufacturer, which supplies products to both the local and international markets.

*FCDP090 Dark Spot And Uneven Skin-Tone In Vivo Efficacy Study May 2015. Independently tested on 24 test subjects with application twice daily.




Smooth, even-toned skin is a reality with DX Smooth Pro Series. Let's face it – dark spots and skin discoloration are problems many guys experience.

This damage can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving and the use of clippers – up to 70 - 80% of guys are all too familiar with this scenario.
  • Acne, cuts and scars.
  • Sun exposure – we'll say this again, even incidental exposure can cause sun damage - no-one is immune.
  • Hormonal fluctuations, although women tend to suffer from this more than men.
  • Age – yes, as you get older, it's natural to see an increase in "age spots".

The good news is that you can combat dark spots and discolouration when you're armed with knowledge and the right grooming products. Contrary to some very misinformed beliefs, these products do not include bleach, lemon juice, milk, abrasive household cleaners and damaging skin lighteners.

The recently launched DX Smooth Pro Series range is your best friend in this f ight. Professionally formulated and clinically proven, the Pro Series range has been specially created for men's skin-care needs. We love it when the best of science and nature comes to the rescue.



What makes this range truly special is Synotone Complex™, a revolutionary combination of active ingredients that with sustained use, is highly effective in fading dark areas and restoring natural skin tone. Unlike some harmful skin lightening products, DX Smooth Pro Series is Hydroquinone-free and is not damaging to your skin. Synotone Complex™ contains Synovea®HR, the gold standard used in some of the world's leading professional skin-care brands.

"Synotone Complex™ is a unique combination of clinically proven active ingredients, herbal and plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants and is an intrinsic part of each formulation in the range. Skin safety is the key philosophy behind the products, and unlike the toxic skin lighteners of the past, DX Smooth Pro Series will not damage your skin."

James Byrne, MD of Lee-Chem Laboratories


Synovea HR is 4 times more effective

* Synovea®HR Technical Data Sheet.
The skin lightening effectiveness of 0.5% Synovea HR compares well with 2% Hydroquinone, with highly significant results over a 4-week period of treatment.



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